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Interested in playing for Michael Collins Pipes & Drums?

Although MCPB keeps close ties with the Irish community and Irish pipe music, its mission is to avoid political discord, discrimination, or exclusion of new members on the basis of religion, political or social ideology, or ethnic heritage.

Michael Collins Pipes & Drums is always accepting student members. These members are not typically allowed play in band events, but may be required and encouraged to help at some band functions. An individual may become a student member by contacting Michael Collins Pipes & Drums, and expressing an interest in becoming a member. Once a simple application form is submitted, the student is required to attend at least four practices before they are voted into the band as a student member.

Student practice is a group style lesson beginning at 7:00 PM most Wednesday nights at the Colorado Army National Guard Armory
5275 Franklin Street, Denver, CO 80216.

The first four lessons are free. Student equipment required is: a practice chanter for pipers (available anywhere piping supplies are sold), a practice pad and drum sticks for drummers (available at any reputable music store), and a tutor book (available through the band). Students are encouraged to seek out private instruction.